Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is copper/Silver ionization?

An ion is an electrically charged atom. Copper/Silver ionization is the electrical release of copper and silver ions. The MineralPURE units with a copper/silver alloy mix produce non-stop ions and releases copper ions that help control algae and silver ions that help control bacteria and viruses.

How do I know if ionization is taking place?

Every ionizer features indicator lights or LCD displays that let you know ionization is taking place. Every unit also comes with an ion test kit that should be tested weekly. This indicates the unit is producing copper and silver ions. It is very simple to use and only takes a few minutes.

What other testing is required with the ionizer?

Normal testing of the pH and total alkalinity should be done on a regular basis. The most important is the pH. This should always be kept between 7.2 and 7.8, with preference on the lower end.

Will I ever have to replace anything with the system?

The electrodes are self-sacrificing and will eventually wear out. A new set of electrodes will be required and is simply screwed in place and the old set discarded. The reagents for the test kit should be replaced every year. Your dealer has both electrodes and test kits in stock.

How long will the electrodes last?

The actual life-span of the electrodes depends on many factors - the size of the pool or body of water being ionized and water temperature being the main factors. Naturally, a swimming pool of 40,000 gallons will use up the electrodes about 4 times faster than a pool with 10,000 gallons. The warmer the water, the higher the ionizer will have to be set at, as more algae will grow in warmer water. The same can be said of chlorine.

How hard is it to install the system?

Your authorized dealer has been factory-trained to install the system. For a plumber, this is a very basic install. An installation manual is included with every unit. No special tools are required.

What is the actual electrical consumption?

Depending on how long the system runs each day and the size of the unit, the actual amount can vary. However, a regular household unit running 8 hours a day only uses about $3 a year in electricity.

What is my payback period on this product?

It all depends on how much you spend on chemicals. Perhaps this quick chart will give you an answer ... just fill in the numbers in the chart below!

MineralPure Investment Analysis

Will I ever have to use chlorine again?

In most cases, some kind of an oxidizer is required. The ionizer will help control algae, bacteria and viruses, but it will not oxidize or burn the debris that gets in the water such as body oils and suntan lotion. Residential applications can use a non-chlorine shock like potassium monopersulfate that is available in any pool store. You can also add our new OzoneMAX system to further cut down on any oxidizer use. Commercial pools by law will need to maintain a small residual of chlorine at all times, and varies by state or country. They still can cut down on chlorine use by up to 75%.

Are copper and silver ions safe?

Absolutely! As you can see from the above excerpt from EPA's Quality Criteria for Water, copper is actually required in our bodies, and silver is used worldwide in many applications. Silver is used by dentists, in water purification equipment, tableware, coins and in many other applications. You can't say that about chlorine!

Is MineralPURE similar to the salt system my neighbor has- they don’t use chlorine either?

Not true at all. They are swimming in pure chlorine and in salt water, too. The salt they add to the pool makes chlorine - right on the premises. Their equipment will also corrode rapidly due to the salt water, incurring expensive maintenance calls.