History of Ionization

The Mineral Pure system uses technology that was actually used thousands of years ago, and has been used in various applications over the years.

Ancient GreeksThe Ancient Greeks were the first
to discover the sanitizing power of
Ancient EgyptiansThe Egyptians kept their water in silver
containers to prevent contamination.
Cyrus Greek Cyrus the Greek, King of Prussia, carried water in silver flagons on his many military expeditions to keep water fresh.
Silver Spoon During the Plague-ridden Middle Ages mothers knew to place a silver spoon in an infant’s mouth to ward off disease.
American Pioneers Early American pioneers moving west across the continent put copper and silver coins in large wooden water casks to provide them with safe drinking water on their long voyage. When the wagons rolled, the agitation rolled, the agitation caused the coins to discharge ions (an electrically charged particle) in the water. The copper ions killed algae while the silver ions killed bacteria and viruses.
Silver nitrate is anitbiotic for newborns The practice of placing an antibiotic solution like silver nitrates in the eyes of newborns is common throughout the world. This helps prevent eye infections & blindness.
Silver Sulfadiazine Silver sulfadiazine is the most widely used antibacterial treatment for burns or open wounds. Many people die from severe burns because of lack of bacteria treatment.
Dentists Care Dentists for decades have used silver to fill cavities because of its strong bacterial features.
Copper Paints Copper is frequently incorporated into paints and wood preservatives to inhibit the growth of algae and invertebrate organisms.
Algaecide Pool stores worldwide sell acopper-based algaecide to help kill black algae -the toughest of all.
Carbon Filters Active carbon filters, which remove objectionable odors and taste (like chlorine) can become highly contaminated with bacteria before it’s useful life expires. Many companies impregnate the carbon filter with silver to prevent bacterial buildup.

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