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MineralPure Pool System
By using safe & natural minerals you can greatly reduce the need of chlorine in any size residential pool or spa.


MineralPure Pool System
Reduce chlorine use up to 75%. Several models to handle any size pool up to 600,000 gallons. NSF approved.


MineralPure Pool System
Industrial applications include cooling towers, agricultural, irrigation & poultry farms.


MineralPure Pool System
OzoneMax is an ultraviolet ozone generator that can be added to Mineral Pure for even more amazing results and crystal-clear water.

Mineral Pure: Chlorine Alternative

For nearly 100 years, chlorine has been perceived as the only way to disinfect water in swimming pools and spas. Yet this method commonly yields red, irritated eyes, dry and brittle hair, swimmer’s ear, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits and a distinct odor on your body and the water.

Chlorine is a strong bleach and is dangerous. Studies have linked it with cancer, and scientists claim it is a leading cause of erosion of the Earth’s ozone layer.

The bottom line is ..... nobody likes CHLORINE!

Is there a safer, more effective and economical alternative?

YES, introducing MineralPure, the healthy alternative to chlorine!

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